PKH 2024: Fairybricks donation boxes for hospitals in Norway

Hi everyone!

A very lovely announcement from our friends at Fairy Bricks has reached us. The cooperation that Brikkelauget and Fairy Bricks have, which is kind of a tradition now :innocent: , has yielded another possibility for everyone to help and brighten children’s lives during their hospital stays.
As a reference, this is the post from 2022 by Are which explains it in a nutshell - LINK!

This year we have the same opportunity with 64 donation boxes getting delivered to Norway during PKH 2024 - which means we can support 20+ hospitals this time!
The “rules” are the same:

  • 3 boxes per hospital
  • contact the hospital for a donation (hopefully this time it will be “easier”, since this is not the first time we are doing this)
  • arrange delivery and deliver the boxes
  • open one of the boxes, take out some sets and get a photo with some representatives from the hospital - the photo has to be sent to our SoMe queen Kristin (Kristin will follow up with Fairy Bricks)
  • if the hospital asks, the sets can be used however they see fit with a single exception - they can’t be resold
  • Fairy Bricks stickers are also coming with the sets and it would be great if they could be put on the LEGO sets - creates more awareness of the whole Fairy Bricks idea

If someone needs to understand how and why is this happening, Fairy Bricks is a registered charity in UK and they can find out more on their webpage: Fairy Bricks
Also, when it all started as a small thing back in 2018: HBF

As for now, we are sure that we can cover the Oslo region (Christian F., Matija, Eduard) and Drammen (Eduard).

As last time, don’t be shy and join in for this amazing initiative :innocent:
If any questions, ask away.

So, come on everyone let us repeat the same as we did back in 2022 - spread LEGO sets across Norway! :sunglasses:

Oslo - 15 (or more) boxes: Christian F., Matija, Eduard
Drammen - 3 boxes: Eduard
Ålesund - 3 boxes: Sigmund
Lillehamer - 3 boxes: Christian J.
Kristiansand - 3 boxes: Are M. H.
Stavanger - 3 boxes: Are M. H.
Narvik - 2 boxes: Ørjan
Elverum - 3 boxes: Merete
Trondheim - 3 boxes: Vibeke R.
Bergen - 3 boxes: Eirik Andre
Sarpsborg - 3 boxes: Jan Vidar
Arendal - 3 boxes: Arne
Bodø - 3 boxes: Stephan
Haugesund - 3 boxes: Grzegorz
Odda - 1 box: Grzegorz
Tromsø - 4 boxes: Yngve


Great news! If we can bring boxes to the same hospital as last time, I can contact the hospital here in Ålesund and ask if the are interested in a new donation. Was very well recieved in 2022.

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We will problably have a full car, but I will drive with a trailer if its needed. Brikkemamma and me will take care of Lillehammer. They were so happy the last time, so I know that it will be well received and come to good use! We would love to bring them 3 boxes if available.


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Of course, after 2 years things get lost and broken. Writing you down :slight_smile:

Lovely! Putting you down for Lillehamer. :slight_smile:

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Special note!

Please write in Norwegian!
Thank you :sunglasses:

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UNN Narvik got 1 box last time. It was well used. We have room for 1 or 2 boxes this time.

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Putting you down for 2 boxes :sunglasses:

Kan levere til Elverum


Jeg kan levere til Trondheim St.Olav

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Kan ta med til Bergen

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Jeg tar med tre bokser til Sykehuset Østfold - Kalnes.

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Jeg kan ta med til Kristiansand og Arendal

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Hvilken avdeling ved St.Olavs får donasjonen?
Jeg kunne gjerne tenkt meg å ha med en eske til en av avdelingene på Kvinne&Barn-senteret, av personlige årsaker, hvis det er mulig

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Det er avtalt møte med kvinne barn sentret på fredag og de husker Kevin fra tidligere år og gleder seg til å motta gavene

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Takk, men hvilke avdelinger der får donasjonen?

Skal sjekke opp, men i utgangspkt så gis det til barneavdelingene på sykehusene. Jeg spurte om å få med til en spesial avd på sykehuset innlandet tidligere, og fikk da beskjed om at det er langtids døgnplasser som er primært det de gir t il.
Men sjekker

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Førskole er den avdelingen som vil møte oss, og har fått tidligere, de deler ut til barna

Husk å sjekke om det er nok esker og om andre har meldt seg åå samme sykhus før dere ringer sykehusene! Hvis vi lover mer enn vi får, er det ingen fordel for Fairy Bricks eller sykehuset

Arne Blom kan ta med til Arendal (og Kristiansand, men ser st Are fikser det)