Usefull information about beeing a participant

I denne tråden finner du litt nyttig informasjon om På kloss hold.
På kloss hold har deltagere fra over 10 forskjellige land, og det er enklere å legge ut all informasjon på kun engelsk enn å oversette alt til to språk. Om du ønsker å få noe av informasjonen på norsk, ta kontakt så fikser vi det.

Spørsmål og diskusjoner på forumet må gjerne være på norsk :slight_smile:

Feel free du ask additional questions and we will answer as best we can.

[size=200]Useful and important information to participants[/size]

[size=150]Mandatory model[/size]
Besides all sort of LEGO for the exhibition all participants should participate with a mandatory model!
This is a smal model within some boundaries, more information will be posted soon! :smiley:

[size=150]Who can participate[/size]
All AFOLs that are members of an rLUG can participate. If you are not a member you could join Brikkelaugets LUG.

[size=150]Is there a registration fee?[/size]
No, as an AFOL its free to participate…

[size=150]Food during the event[/size]
…but if you like to participate in dinner Saturday and Sunday there is a small fee.
Rest of the meals, dinner Friday and lunch Saturday and Sunday are free.
Drink must be paid by the participants.

[size=150]What is expected from me as a participant?[/size]
First of all; LEGO! We want an exhibition that shows the diversity in our hobby. We want an exhibition of huge and small MOCs, old an new ones, everything is welcome even if you have exhibited it at PKH or another exhibition before!
We also would like to show old and new LEGOsets, or modified versions of sets. Or do you have other products made by the LEGO Company? Bring them and show them to the public.

There is multiple threads on the forum to organize the exhibition.

[size=150]What can you contribute with during the weekend?[/size]
We will hire some help for the setup and during the event, but we still need help from participating AFOLs.
There will also be needed some help during the event to “guard” parts of the exhibition.
So please help out when asked to - and if you see something that needs to be fixed or done, feel free to do it :slight_smile:

The most important thing is that you bring a smile and have a good time! :smiley: