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Jeg tenker at om det er noen som vil ha en SW utstilling så må noen ta ansvar :slight_smile:

MF og X-wing tenkte jeg som et “tema”, men ingenting i veien for at alle UCS’ene er velkomne, tenker jeg?

Hmm, ME-104 isn’t something I have any experience With. Personally I would like to see if we could put it to use somehow. Does the Train have to run in a circle, or can it run “Push-Pull”?

Hi! The train does not have to run in a circle. «Push-pull» also works fine.


Im a brand new member here, so please excuse my “noobishness”, but I have a few questions I couldnt find the answer for.

  1. Who do I contact if I want to submit a suggestion about having my models on display? Maybe this is too late already?

  2. Is it too late to pay the fee for attending PKH 2019?

  3. If its too late for me to personally be able to set up a display of my models, can I have someone else do it if I (of course) provide the models I’d like to have on display?

Any provided answers would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

  • Torbjørn

That would depend on what you want to display.
The exhibitions are coordniated in a number of sub-forums.
So just drop a line in the applicable sub-forums:
Lego Hobby sett
Star Wars
City Layout
Original LEGO models
LEGO Ideas
Sailing ships
Harry Potter
The Batmobiles

What fee?

For å unngå lange samtaler om dette så er det påmelding til selve arrangementet her

The fee is 250 for dinner sunday

Registration is open until April 10th :slight_smile:


Jeg har registrert en MOC som er en modell av ett hus (i mangel av fantasi kallt “Familiehus”), det ser ut til at jeg får til en hage også, så størrelsen vokser til 70 x 50 cm (dybde x bredde). Går det bra med det større bygget? Ska størrelsesendringen registreres en plass?

If its not too late, I can bring these sets:

Fort Legoredo 6769
Main street 6765
Sheriff’s Lock Up 6755
Bandit’s secret hideout 6761
Covered wagon 6761
Sheriff’s Showdown 6761

All sets are from the Western series from between '97 to '99 I believe. Let me know if Im too late (work made me forget about the whole event. Sorry :frowning: )

Er det noen som har mulighet til å kjøre innom flyplassen fredag? ved 14 tiden?

So, is there like a list of who brings which sets, how many who can actually have their sets on display etc.? This is my first year, so I have no idea how this works.

Noen som kan roe ned streikeviljen i SAS?

Med den tripple-whammyen arbeidsgiverne har lagt på bordet er det bare ledelsen i SAS som kan gjøre noe med streikeviljen.

Jeg har en ledig sitteplass i bil fra Oslo, øst for bomringen/Galemoen.