MOC registration for exhibiton and competitions

This post is about MOCs. There will be another thread andform for signing up original LEGOsets or models built after bought instructions.

We have one single signup form for
a) signing up MOCs for competitions
b) signing up MOCs just for the exhibition
c) signing up GBCs for the competition.

[size=150]Click this link to go to the form.[/size]

Of course there will be MOC competitions during this year’s PKH! The rules posted here are based on experience from previous years, and to make this post as ‘light’ as possible, we’ll only present the rules and not the background for them.

The competitions are open for all participants at PKH.
Models that have been on display at previous PKH events - in Trondheim or elsewhere - can not be entered into the competitions, and all designs must be by the participant. In other words, we do not allow models built from other people’s instructions to be entered into the competitions. These rules apply to all competitions.

[size=150]People’s Choice Award[/size]
During the public opening hours on Saturday and Sunday, the members of the audience will be given the opportunity to vote for their favourite models. No participant can enter more than one model into this competition, and GBC modules are not eligible for this competition (more information on that below).

[size=150]MOC competition[/size]
Saturday afternoon there will be an internal vote for the best model in multiple categories. The committee will place the entered models in different categories, mainly based on size. If a participant enters more than one model, and we see that two or more end up in the same category, we will give each participant the option to keep all entered models in this category, or go all in on one model.

GBC modules can not be entered into the People’s Choice Award. The reason is simple - it’s very difficult to explain to the audience that we want them to judge one module, and not the whole GBC setup. To fix this problem, we have a separate GBC categori in the internal MOC competition with some nice prices! If you want to enter a GBC into this category, it must comply 100% with the GBC standard.

The form for entering MOCs into the competitions is the same form as the one for entering MOCs into the exhibition. You just have to tick the box for entering your model into the internal MOC competition and/or the Public Choice Award.
Click this link to go to the form.

If anything is unclear - please do not hesitate to ask!

[size=150]Deadline for entering MOCs into the competitions: April 1st[/size]
No MOCs can be entered into the competitions after this date. However, withdrawing a model is allowed. We will also try to find a place to exhibit models entered after the deadline, without beeing part of the competition.

[size=150]Everyone who register their MOC before February 20th will be part of a LEGOset raffle [/size] :mrgreen:

One question about the MOC competition categories (which I was fairly sure I had already asked, but couldn’t find it now at least): can we get some kind of rough estimate about the sizes that qualify for the different categories?

As in:
Small: should fit on one 32x32 baseplate
Medium: should fit on four 32x32 baseplates
Large: anything bigger than four 32x32 baseplates

I guess what I’m asking is, how big can a MOC safely be and still fit in a given category? Yes, I realize the point of the categories is that they’re not very strict, but at the same time it would be very nice to be able to have some kind of size to aim for when building for PKH. :wink:

The simple answer is: No. The main reason is that we try to make sure there is a similar number of entries in each category - so that we don’t suddenly end up with 25 entries in one category and 5 in a different one. That means the entries are all put in their specific category on the day, at our discretion.

Another reason is that simply defining categories by baseplates can also get a bit unfair - sometimes the ‘build’ is a relatively simple one, but placed on four baseplates, whereas other times, it can be a massive skyscraper with a four-baseplate footprint.

So I’m sorry - I’m going to have to leave you in the dark a bit… :confused:

I wrote a rather lengthy reply in the “How should the MOC be placed → other…” field and the email receipt i got from google does not show the whole text i input. Do the PKH committee see this text or do you get the same type of condensed receipt from google?

Om man har ombestemt seg angående informasjonen man ønsker å ha på MOC-kortet, hvordan går man da frem?

Send PM til meg eller Harald, så fikser vi :slight_smile:

I am building a 1950’s town plan where the buildings will be based on my own design. I will be adding 1:87 scale vehicles and other Lego parts/items from that period which fits the town plan. So I was wondering if I could register the whole town plan as a MOC or if only one building should be registered? Some vehicles and parts are listed as “sets” on Bricklink that is why I am unsure.

Sounds cool! In previous years, we’ve said that as long as the clear majority of the MOC is original, it’s fine - so you can register the whole thing. The example I’ve used earlier, is that there’s a big difference between building a few microscale aircraft, put them on the deck of the Avengers Helicarrier and enter the whole thing as a MOC, and building a huge parking garage of your own design, and then adding a few cars that come from original sets. Does that make any sense? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification! :slight_smile: