Invitation to the LEGO 75 years anniversary event

Jan Beyer wrote:
Dear LEGO enthusiast, As you probably already know, the LEGO Group is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. Nobody knows the exact date Ole Kirk Kristiansen started making wooden toys, but in 1957 he decided to celebrate the anniversary on the 10th August and since then, this date has marked the founding of the LEGO Group. Friday the 10th August this year all LEGO employees throughout the world as well as in Billund will celebrate the75th anniversary. The anniversary will be celebrated from 11 am till 8 pm by a market place of activities ending with a concert. As part of the market place, we would very much like to give the LEGO employees the possibility of meeting a group of LEGO enthusiasts to discuss your creations, what LEGO products has meant and means to you and how you use LEGO elements in your creations. A tent of 100m2 will be at your disposal. We hereby invite you as LEGO enthusiast to apply as participant in the anniversary celebration and showcase your best LEGO model as well as assist the LEGO employees in building a LEGO mosaic. We are looking for 20 LEGO enthusiasts and to give all of you a fair chance, we would like you to send us an application with your name, address, a picture and story of the model you would like to bring for the birthday party, before 15th of June. A LEGO jury will select the 20 LEGO enthusiasts. The LEGO Group will pay your transportation fees (gas expenses or train fare), accommodation (max. 2 nights) at LEGOLAND Village and invite you to a factory tour on the 9th August. We cannot thank you enough for helping us in making this a memorable day for all LEGO employees and retired LEGO employees in Billund. On behalf of the LEGO anniversary comity
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