BeLUG open house

Serge Belsack wrote:
Hello all !

The LEGO and AFOL community is growing every day. Also in Belgium. Within a few days, the Belgian AFOL community will organize an open house clubweekend : 2-3 February in Linkebeek (Brussels).

We have already many contacts with the central and south european clubs, and know many of their members. But most of the eastern and northern European clubs are rather new for us. But we would really like to get to know you guys ! We look at your creations and shows on Brickshelf and you’re doing great !

So let’s communicate, and inform each other about interesting LEGO stuff.

Hereby you’ll find the poster of our event. It would be great if you could post it on your website.

I can imagine that it wouldn’t be easy for you to visit us, but still you are all very welcome !

Hope to meet you soon.


Serge Belsack
Secretary of BeLUG vzw

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