Takk for i år!

Jeg er lat og poster det samme her som i eventet sin fjasbok-gruppe:

Men først en kort oppsummering på norsk:
Shit ass folkens, dette var en sjukt morsom helg - takk! Glær mæ te næste år! :smiley:

Thank you!

I guess I could stop there, but as you all know I tend to use a lot of words…
Thank you for participating in this years PKH! Thank you for bringing your MOCs, your sets and animations to show the diversity of our great hobby. Thank you for smiling and showing that you enjoy your self. Thank you for talking with other participatiing AFOLs. Thank you for making presentations - and thank you for attending to them. Thank you for helping out when we need some help. Thank you for asking when you are wondering about something or need some help. Thank you for beeing patient and asking again if I forget to help you. Thank you for beeing such a great community, the PKH weekends give me so much joy

And thank you for bringing me stroopwaffels, this is the last one so I guess we need to oranize PKH every weekend!

Are and I are so happy to coordinate this event, but please remember that there are so many helping out. We are the lucky ones beeing in front standing der babling about nothing, but this would not be possible without the help from everyone. Sorry if I forget someone, but I would like to mention Frederik as the MOC-city layoutmaster, Christian for bringing all of Brikkelauget/PKHs stuff from Oslo to Trondheim, Anne Jorunn for making sure we have food, Arild (and Helge) for making sure we have some income, Matija for making the event set and “kosepose”, Kristian for verifying the mandatory models, Ole for buying stuff we “suddenly need” , all the ppl helping on friday bringing tables to the venue and all the ppl helping out until late sunday!

Im sorry I did not have time to talk to all of you. The main goal for the comitte is that everyone feels welcome to the event, and even we are not able to talk to all we hope you all was talking to someone else and had a great weekend in Trondheim!

I guess we should start planning for PKH2020 soon…?