Attached is version 1 of the setup and a list of all models and where to find them. The list is sorted on firstname (or nick).

  • Details for table H will be added
  • Some of the exhibitions of original models have gotten less space than requested. Space could be adjusted between the different exhibitions. Let me know if this is not going to work for you.
  • This is version 1, changes will be made
  • Missing size for Star Wars and Sailships
  • The big green box on the left in Hall A is a stage, parts of it will be used for some exhibitions.

Is it just me who’re having difficulties downloading these files?

PDF links in the forum are usually troublesome on smartphones if that’s where you’re trying from.

They are PDF-files downloaded as *.html. Filename.pdf.html . You need to edit the filetype extension to only *.pdf by removing the “html”-part.


Trouble on macOS as well.

Jeg brukte høyreklikk og lagre som på PC.
Men ellers fikk jeg åpnet de.

Hei Harald!

Det mangler en “null” bak min Das Boot, bord H… Den er 180 cm lang. Beklager om jeg har avglemt en null der altså…

“Only” 4 different amusement parks :mrgreen: