PKH 2023 - 21-23 April - Information from the organizer

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The venue this year is Lager 11. The event starts at 19:00. Detailed info on how to get there can be found here:

Address: Sluppenvegen 11

Image shows walkway from hotel to bus, and from bus to Lager 11.


The voting for the internal competition is now open.

There are pictures attached in the system, but please use this as a reference to find the model. You should see the models in real life to get the best impression. There are so much good stuff here!!! :star_struck:

Voting is open until 15:00.

Use the link below to vote(and remember that you need to be logged in to be able to vote):

Happy voting! :partying_face:

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Si ifra om dere finner den lua :blush:

Lua ble funnet og blir overlevert eier :slight_smile: