PKH 2020: Mandatory competition


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If you haven’t been to PKH before, let me just explain to you what this is! Every participant at PKH 2020 must enter a 16x16 module into this competition. It’s a mandatory, but very low-key competition, and you can put as much or as little effort into it as you like, this is up to you. Of course, we hope that you’ll try to make your entry as good-looking as possible, because all the modules will be placed next to each other in the event hall, creating a larger “diorama” - and the more effort you put into it, the better the diorama will look!

Over the years, our mandatory builds have been as diverse as a beach, a street, a river, a train car, and last year, a section of a walking path. This year we’re going to make… a marketplace!

This is your starting point:

It differs a bit from previous years in that it actually has a build in it, in the form of a sales booth! Here are the rules:

1) 16x16 build area
2) No overhang allowed, 16x16 is your maximum build area (the modules will be put next to each other during PKH, so no stealing space from your neighbour!)
3) The light bluish gray, dark bluish gray and white plates and tiles in the pictures have to be those exact colours.
4) The pink bricks in the pictures can be any colour you want.
5) The brown 1x1 round bricks can be any shade of brown you’d like, but it’s supposed to look like wood.
You can use reddish brown, dark brown, old brown, tan, dark tan, nougat, or even dark orange - as long as it can pass for wood.
Please don’t ask if you can use white for birch. It says any shade of brown.
6) We’re not picky as to what dimensions there are on your plates and bricks. You can of course use any combination of plates in the base to make up your 16x16 footprint, or your sales booth, as long as it matches the shape in the pictures.
7) Feel free to replace any 2x2 tiles with a [part=87580]2x2 jumper plate[/part] to attach minifigures or other details.
8) If you want to make a ‘hole’ in the footpath, for any reason, that’s fine, as long as the edges of your 16x16 builds still look the same.
9) The particular minifig used is for illustration purposes. Feel free to use any kind of minifig.
10) All entries must be in minifig scale.

Also, because we want this to look like one coherent diorama, please try to make your entry fit into what could be a busy marketplace in a town or village. That means, if you want to make a castle or pirate style booth, that’s fine - or even a Friends one! - but then imagine it’s a booth selling medieval stuff or pirate costumes, and let there be civilian-clothed people in your model as well.

Because there’s lots of room on the footpath in front of the booth, we hope you’ll fill it with minifigures enjoying a day out at the market so it doesn’t look as empty as this:

… but this is the layout we’re aiming for. A busy marketplace full of life! So let us consider all the possibilities: You can decorate your booth any way you like. Maybe you’ll add a big sign on the roof advertising what’s for sale? Maybe you’ll build a colorful LEGO sales booth? Or a booth selling fruit and vegetables? Or carnival costumes? Maybe there are big boxes on the outside of the booth, full of interesting antiques? Maybe the booth owner has a cart parked next to his booth, with extra stash? Or maybe something in particular is happening in front of the booth - a street fight? Is the King passing by? Or the Pied Piper of Hamelin? You decide!

If anything is unclear (it probably is, it’s always perfectly understandable in my own head, but my head has only one inhabitant) please just ask in this thread! No question is too stupid, and there will always be people who are prepared to explain or lend you some bricks. And just like previous years: If for some reason you feel that you’re absolutely unable to bring something like this to Trondheim in late april… just let me or Harald know, and we’ll work it out. But please try!

Like last year, models have to be set up in Trondheim no later than Saturday morning, and they will then be checked for compliance with the rules. The owner of any model that is found to violate the rules will then be noticed and given the chance to fix the model before 4PM. If the model is still in violation of the rules at that point, it will be disqualified.

Now start building! Or ask questions :slight_smile:

The booth has to have that exact shape and size?

Yes, the same basic shape. You can, however, attach anything you like to it - like clips for accessories etc, or flowers, for example.

En liten korrektur i hovedteksten. “Every participant at PKH 2019 must enter a 16x16 module into this competition”
Er nok bare små pirk men det er vel 2020 :slight_smile:

Nei, alle som var med i fjor, må bygge en modul… neeeeida. Sånn går det når man kopierer tekst fra fjoråret! Takk for korrektur, fikset :wink:

Any rules about minifigs, as in, should they be yellow or are fleshies welcome too?

Let’s be open and welcoming and allow any colour you’d like! :smiley:

Minifig - can that also be Doll (Friends/elves) ?

And while I like the idea of a markedplace stand - it frustrates me that the booth is so regulatet - it is very restricted, and makes it hard to be creative… So tempting to either make one plain within the rules - or make one that makes me happy with the result …

This was meant to be saying that it’s quite OK to have a booth ‘manned’ by a minidoll, but now that I read it back I can see that I didn’t exactly make myself perfectly clear :laughing:

Yes, you’re fine to use a minidoll - but as this is supposed to look uniform, can you maybe make it look like this is a Friends doll selling something at a minifig market? In other words, have your model be populated by both kinds of figures?

The walls, posts and roof are all restricted. But apart from that, you can add anything you like!

I assume that the color of the booth is up to the builder as long as the posts is some type of brown ?

That is a correct assumption! I’ve added it to the rules, I simply forgot it.

Fustrasjonen er stor når en har 16x16 i alle værdens farger men ikke LBG. Hmpf

Som L@go skriver så kan du bruke hva som helst for å oppnå 16x16, behøver ikke å være en kloss. For eksempel har man 2 stk 8x16 så kan man bygge disse i sammen osv.
Jeg gjorde noe liknede ett år da jeg ikke fant det jeg så etter.

Is it possible to provide a picture of the booth from above, without the roof attached? To give precise information about wall thickness and possible hidden details behind the counter area.

Not right now as I’m on my way to Brikkelauget’s AGM - but there are no hidden details.

Bottom brick level: 1x4, 1x8, 1x4
Next level: 1x2, 2x2 corner, two 1x6 plates, 2x2 corner, 1x2
The plate beneath the roof tiles is a 4x10
The roof is solid

Not that any of this really matters - you can use any combination of bricks to achieve the same shape :slight_smile: and there is no interior in the booth. That’s where you come in!

Thanks, just what I wanted to know. :slight_smile:

Savner NORSK tekst her den engelske kan legges inn i et bi forum.

Det tar jeg absolutt selvkritikk på. Kommer på mandag! :blush:

Lbg 16x16 plater er ikke så enkle å oppdrive. Noen tips til hvordan man får strukturen stabil uten?