Photos from PKH

Here are the photos i took at this years På Kloss Hold … 6907597651

Hopefully this link works. It should work even when not logged in. Let me know if it does not.

If you see a photo you would not like to be public let me know and i will remove it.
If you see a photo you would like in higher resolution let me know.
I tried photographing every display but due to time constraints focused on the MOC’s and rare sets.
If you feel your MOC is shown at an unflattering angle i apologize :slight_smile:

Feel free to share the link with anyone, especially our international friends that might not have access to this forum.

Lækkert - takk for supre bilder!

Tomáš Kašpařík: … 8068780947
Kristian SE: … BrRia?dl=0
Petter Lerdahl:!AsnCfgQB7ShSib5nfEpCZLeNe9OUrQ

Kjekt å sjå frå PKH…