Ny medlem presenterer seg - på engelsk

Good Morning and Hi to everybody.

I would like to introduce myself. My norwegian is not so good at the moment, so I have to do it in english. Apologizes for that! :blush:

My Name is Stephan, and I am originaly from germany. In 2017 my girlfriend and I moved to Nordland for job and for the nicer climate. We have three Huskies, so attitude about climate/temperature might me somewhat different to “normal” people. :wink:

I am an AFOL for more than a decade now, and together with my girlfriend (and sometimes also the dogs) we have displayed our layouts an various exhibitions like Fanwelt/cologne and ABSolut Steinchen in St. Augustin.

My main focus is on trains and city-layouts. but also on Monorail. I work on various projects like big train modules and DIY 9V tracks, including big radii, but that has to be improved somewhat before I can present it to someone.

Due to house-moving, everything is somewhat on delay and I can of course not provide any big display yet, but my plan is to show up at “på kloss hold” with a small MOC-diorama.

Here are some links to my flickr-account (it did not show all of my MOC´s yet, but I will post more by time)
and to some Youtube-videos of former exhibitions.

flicker: flickr.com/photos/156473872@N02/
ABSolut Steinchen 2016: youtube.com/watch?v=G2enoiyeuXk
ABSolut Steinchen 2015: youtube.com/watch?v=lhAPMwI68bc
Fanwelt cologne 2016: youtube.com/watch?v=ZNgAgi1CPaE

If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask allready in norwegian. I understand a bit if writen, but please use easy phrases and exspect me to answer in english at the moment.

I am looking forward to meet some of you in Trondheim by end of the month.

Med hjertelig hilsen



That’s some really nice trains you got on your Flickr-account, looking forward to seeing what you bring here to Trondheim. Never build a train myself, but they are fun looking at :laughing: g

Velkommen skal du være. Mange flotte lokomotiver å se på Flickr. Jeg bygger litt tog selv. Vi snakkes sikkert i Trondheim.

Hilsen Andreas

Welcome - see you in Trondheim! :smiley: :mrgreen:

Hei and welcome!

I’l see you at PKH, and hope you have a lot of fun here.

Hello and welcome!
I am looking forward to meeting you at PKH 2018! :smiley:

Heisann! Velkommen til Brikkelauget :wink:

Hi and welcome.
I may see you at PKH.

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome!

Nice trains. Reminds me about the old D.3 that ran on Nordlandsbanen when I grew up.

Hei again,

Tusen takk for all of your kind words and the warm welcome :smiley:

I am really looking forward now to meet you guys at PKH now. I am a little bit concerned that a short weekend, filled with a lot of program, will not be enough time to talk to everyone. But I hope it will be a good start at least!

@ Sir Stig:

Would really like to see one of theese Di.3´s in real life. The Di.4 is driving by every day, love that humming sound :smiley:
Since I have no car available at the moment, I plan to travel to Trondheim by Nordlandsbanen. Might be a good chance to see more of this beautiful country.