LEGO Factory bliver til LEGO Design byME

  1. oktober sker der nogle signifikante ændringer med LEGO Factory…
    Her er nogle billeder:

Her er nogle oplysninger (på engelsk):

LEGO® Factory to become LEGO Design byME:

The LEGO Group to launch LEGO® Design byME greatly enhancing the LEGO Factory customization service. (BILLUND, DENMARK, AUGUST 31, 2009) On October 1, LEGO Factory will become LEGO Design byME when the all new LEGO Design byME site goes live, and the enhanced LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) 3.0 freeware is also released. LEGO Design byME introduces superior building, a new custom designed quality box plus aprinted building guide for a premium building experience.

The LEGO Factory customization platform will be upgraded through the following key changes:
-Customizable box design in poster quality: a high quality sleeve that fits around the core box, and enables users to design the front and back, including name and rendered photo of the model, and the “Design by [FIRST NAME]” opportunity. (Below photos are illustrative of what can be designed. Fonts and backgrounds may vary) High quality, printed building guide inserted in the box for a fully professional building experience; as opposed to building from LDD online or downloading/ printing PDF as is currently required.
-50% more bricks; from 950 to 1481 different LEGO elements (introduced in April 09)
-New, enhanced LDD 3.0 software (see box below).
-New name, logo and playful and friendly tone of voice.

A $10 service fee will be added to orders to offset costs of the box and building instructions. The LEGO Design byME customization service can be experienced as of October 1 at The Design byME team will also take part in BrickCon 09 fromOctober 1-4. Here, the team will give service demonstrations and answer questions about the new service.

LEGO Design byME builds on the LEGO Factory customization platform officially introduced in 2005. Starting out as an experiment based on limited experience within the field, LEGO Factory has gradually changed and expanded based on valuable input from LEGO ambassadors, fans and other users. Today, the LEGO Group has a production setup for handling personalized orders in Poland, where each brick is handpicked. This uniquely packaged order will then be received by the customer within 21 days, which is in full compliance with global standards for customized offers.

LDD 3.0 – New features:
Online Panel
Integrated buying experience
Tutorials and hints
Improved User Interface
Docked palettes
Panel structure
In-context camera control
Scalable icons
Building Guide Mode
Completely redesigned user interface
Simple and more intuitive control
Sub-assembly overview
Template Tool
Makes it fast and easy to group and organize your creations
Buyability Tool
Helps you choose the right bricks when you are optimizing the model for purchase
Updated Hinge Tool
Enhanced brick rotation control
Hide Tool
Lets you hide bricks in order to improve your focus on building
Improved Performance
Supports bigger models

betyr dette at man også må betale $10 ekstra hvis man bare kjøper løse klosser og ikke lager et model?

Det blir fortsatt mulig å kjøpe løse klosser på PaB, men hvis man bruker LDD for å lage og bestille en modell blir esken obligatorisk. Det blir altså ikke mulig å velge jeg vil ha denne modellen, send meg kun de klossene i en pose, uten eske, men du skal “fortsatt” kunne plukke klosser separat og bestille dem.

…og da er LEGO Design byME ute:

Forutsatt at man bor i et land som Shop@Home leverer til selvsagt :wink:

Og det gjør jo vi! Hurra!