EuroLUG - Announcement

Vedlagt presentasjon:

Eftersom jeg har været med til at starte foreningen, så kan jeg sikkert svare på de fleste spørgsmål…

Her har det kommet litt mer info, samt en del Q&A.


EuroLUG is a new LUG that was founded by 6 very active AFOLs from Europe and one member of the LEGO Community Development (LCD).
The 6 AFOLs and the LCD member form the steering group that takes the decisions (through vote and by majority) for EuroLUG in cooperation with the EuroLUG members.
The mission for EuroLUG is to stimulate and grow the contact and cooperation between the active European AFOLs and through that also between the various European LUGs.
Also Events (how to do new events and how to improve existing events) are one of the focus points for EuroLUG and EuroLUG members are offering knowledge support and event participation so event organizers will have access to valuable information and also events will be more international.
Due to that EuroLUG shall not be redundant (EuroLUG is not meant to replace any other LUG or be any kind of umbrella organization) the members need to be the most active members in the AFOL community and the need to be set some requirements the members need to fulfill.
The members need to be international active, over 18 years old and need to visit at least 3 international public events (one can be national) a year or organize one public international event a year.
Beside this the members need to buy a starting package (Polo, minifig, brick, lanyard) for 50 Euro (2009)
The advantage for the members is that they get access to a very active contact and discussion platform and network and to a lot of valuable knowledge.
If you have any questions please write to
Below you will find some questions and answers you may find relevant to learn more about EuroLUG.

Could you explain the differences between EuroLUG and the ambassador program?
-EuroLUG is a group of very internationally active AFOL’s who attend several international events per year (outside their own country) or organize events (in their own country), which is not necessarily the case with Ambassadors. EuroLUG members are not necessarily representing their LUGs to TLG.
-Themes that EuroLUG members work on are focused on the collaboration between European LUG’s and the local LUG’s and the local LEGO offices, and are linked to events, where the Ambassadors discuss also totally other projects. EuroLUG is a platform for very active AFOLs and a group that can support events through the knowledge of its members.

Is the steering committee a permanently appointed group?
We had to start somewhere so there is this Steering Group for the beginning but there can be changes in the composition of the steering group in the future and we also want to work with task groups, so that every member can actively participate.

Why are the proposed EuroLUG internet forums and meetings at events to held in secret?
“Secret” is not the right word. The Steering group has decided that as each LUG has its own meetings for members only so EuroLUG will have too. But everybody is welcome to ask questions or knowledge support to the EuroLUG steering group.

It is difficult for a LEGO fan in Ireland, UK, Iceland, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, Southern Italy or many other nations to make it to more than one international event per year, will there be a different criteria for those not in Central Europe?
No, we have to draw a line somewhere. First we thought about 3 international events per year as a criteria, but we set it down to 2 finally and/or organizing an public international AFOL event. The criteria are identical for all European Lego Fans. But EuroLUG members will of course try help Lego Fans living in the outlying districts of Europe! We will provide the event dates very early so that it is possible to book cheap flights. We can also connect these Lego fans to the organizer of the event or even with other Lego fans living near to the event place for attempt to get private or even cheap accommodation, to find somebody who can pick up people at the airport, etc.

What is the nature of the “EuroLUG projects” mentioned in the announcement presentation?
E.g. create a decent database of Events and LUGs, a kind of Event-Wiki (do’s + don’ts for event organizers, games for events, etc.)

Is it too early to ask at which event EuroLUG will show these building projects, or whereabouts EuroLUGs first public event will take place?
There won’t be EuroLUG event. The EuroLUG members will choose one or two events each year where as many EuroLUG members as possible will be asked to participate and we will organize a Euro LUG meeting on the event. Trough their presence the EuroLUG members will make the events more international and get more and other MOCs there.

What else, other than the nice T-Shirt, is in the ‘welcome package’ to make a 50.00EUR membership fee worth it rather than buying a LEGO set? :slight_smile:
The welcome package contains: an embroidered polo shirt, a printed minifig, a brick, a lanyard and member card. So basically the 50 Euro are the cost price plus shipping. We earn no money with EuroLUG. The 50 Euro are not a kind fee or membership – it is once and only for the beginning to cover the costs of the welcome package.

The announcement states that from now on local LEGO employees will only attend or give assistance to events held by approved LUGs. What is an “approved LUG” and is this approving by EuroLUG or The LEGO Group?
“Approved LUG” is obviously a term that was misunderstood. All LUGs TLG is in contact with can get support by TLG and of course the LEGO Group will also support events which organizers are not in connection with EuroLUG.

How does a LUG apply to become “approved”?
see above

How will you support new events/groups?
If you mean with “you” EuroLUG then EuroLUG will support by giving consultancy to the local LUG’s through the knowledge of their members and through documents. We will not impose ourselves; but we’re at their disposal.

How many nations LUGs were involved in the creation of EuroLUG, where did the discussions on its creation take place?
EuroLUG has started with an idea from Serge Belsack (Belgium), which was proposed to TLG. TLG liked the idea and together with a few AFOL’s from different parts of Europe there was formed a workgroup, and made a statement, which was made public on the LEGO Fan Weekend in Skærbæk. There, the Steering Group launched the demand for new members, so the Steering Group don’t think that certain fan clubs were excluded. The EuroLUG idea had to start little, like every LUG, not with 100 people at a time and endless discussions.

Where does Euro-LUG draw its borders? Is a LUG from Russia allowed? Turkey? Israel? Maybe North Africa?
EuroLUG draws it’s borders at the frontiers of Europe, so Russia is allowed, North Africa or USA not. Perhaps the same thing will be done on other continents too?

Can fans outside of Europe join EuroLUG?
As said above: EuroLUG is mentioned for European AFOL’s to create a more international awareness of European LEGO Fans.

In what Language will EuroLUG communicate on its forums?
The communication will be in English. But one of the goals of EuroLUG is to overcome linguistic boundaries. So if somebody don’t speak English and wants the help of EuroLUG we will find somebody for interpreting for sure.

What kind of “valuable information” will be available to the members that will not be available to the wider community?
-Contacts (contact persons, phone numbers and emails); they will not be available from the first day on of course, but as people from all over Europe will be members, it will be rather easy to obtain information for a lot of countries

  • Experiences
  • Event Wiki
    Some information will probably be available to everyone, but other information (like personal contact details, etc.) not. If somebody is planning to organize a LEGO fan event he can ask the EuroLUG Steering group and so he gets access to all the information, the knowledge and the help, he would be interested in.

Does this mean EuroLUG members will be required to sign a LEGO Group NDA?
No - only if they participate in secret cooperation with TLG and that’s not linked to EuroLUG in any way.

What kind of “special LEGO stuff” will only be available to members?
That’s not decided yet, probably some promotional stuff but not likely more special than other special things for other groups… It’ should NOT be the goal of a EuroLUG member to join this LUG, just because of the possible things and it is also not the goal of TLG to give more special things to one group than another.

Who decides when a member no longer fulfils the criteria for being a member?
The criteria are very clear. If a member is not fulfilling the criteria the member will be contacted by the steering group and the steering group can give the member a waiver (based on the reasons why the member cannot fulfill the criteria) for a year each to still be part of EuroLUG. And if there is a comprehensible reason, there is no matter to decline this request. But we hope it will never be necessary to exclude members.

Will any of their 50.00EUR be returned when they are excluded from the group?
No, as they will have had their polo shirt which will be used then and cannot be reused for someone else.