Classic Space and other space things

I start this group for everyone that want to take part at the “Space” table this year

I will come this year with some type of Classic space custom monorail, that hopefully works this time around
Size not known yet.
Also plan to have a base. Possible some visitors from the new movie.

Custom monorail
Base + LM2 visitors.

In the classic space theme: I will bring a spacetrain, space supplybase, and a 12v monorail moc.

The SaturnV (lego ideas set) with LUT (launch umbilical tower) and Crawlertransporter MOC. Static display, no motors!

Misc spaceships and vehicles, all mocs

Maybe some more if I dont run out of space!!

Hva med Women of Nasa (21312) and Research institute (21110). I can bring these (if you want), and a Saturn, if we want to display another one in the various pieces.

Let me know before Monday.

The Saturn V is present by Kjellis, with full launch tower some where else
I do not know if the Women of Nasa and the Institute is present in the idea sets part of the event.

My flight got cancelled because of the possible strike tomorrow so I will not participate this year. See you next year hopefully…


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