Book about the 50th anniversary of the LEGO brick

Jan Beyer wrote:
Dear all, I have been contacted by some of my colleges and also the author of the book the LEGO group plan and support in connection to the 50 years anniversary of the Brick. The author is looking for to do some interviews with people regarding their personal experiences with the brick. Therefore I asked him to describe a little what he expects – see below. If you have time and like it please take directly contact to the Author. We are a little bit under time pressure. Feel free to distribute if you know somebody who also might be the right person/interested. The interview will be done by email or phone. Thanks Jan Needed: Interviewees for book on 50th birthday of the LEGO brick It’s the 50th birthday of the LEGO brick – and German publisher Heel Verlag celebrates it with an exclusive book, focusing on the history of and the stories centering around this toy of the century. We’re working closely with LEGO Billund and its German dependence in Munich at creating a colorful and unique publication that will provide both longtime fans and new readers with an interesting and entertaining read. Therefore we’re looking for people who want to talk to us: about their personal experiences with the LEGO brick, their own creations, their own fun stories. We’re especially interested in the educative/developmental aspect of the brick: stories that show Ole Kirk Christiansen’s philosophy put into action – in a hobby, as a career or as inspiration. Are you a teacher and use the LEGO brick in class? Do you organize or supervise some aspect of LEGO fandom or a development/initiative that’s based on LEGO? Do you use the LEGO brick professionally in a creative or educational way? If you’ve answered at least one of these questions with Yes, we might like to talk to you. Please contact us at (deadline: Wednesday, September 26th) Christian Humberg, author (