An introduction from the European bureau for BrickJournal

Hello all!
I am informing you all to let you know that BrickJournal, the online magazine (eventually to be in printed format) now has a European bureau and is run by me Very Happy
I am Mel, living in North Germany; I have been an AFOL for many years. I love to build and collect LEGO and my favourite themes/things are town and related themes (train, monorail etc), promos, collecting coloured parts and wonderful LEGO accessories (food, special and rare parts etc) LEGO gear and attending events. I moved to Germany in Oct 2005 from Australia, I have been to many events and I am full of ideas and lots of excitement Wink.
My role as the correspondent/bureau for Europe is to write articles or find others to write articles for me/BJ in which I will pass on to Joe from BJ.
It is very exciting for Europe to be noticed in a large publication which has a great future ahead of it. So if there are any meetings, events, awesome builders, models, or stories to share and tell please pass them my way, of course all credit will be due to those who are involved. I do have a lot of ideas to put forward over the year, but would love to hear some from you too! I will attend a few of the events that will occur over the year, however I am not able to attend all, therefore this is where I need your help! Due to many different European languages, it is very hard to know what is happening within clubs and events in your areas, so please pass any details on to me. All information is welcome (just not spam, thanks Wink).
Over time I will contact some of you personally depending on what theme or articles are required from BJ and me. My goal is to put Europe out in front as many things happen within Europe and many of us miss them, mainly also due to the language barrier and little media coverage and since we are aiming at an international audience, we want the world to see what wonderful things Europe has to offer!
I look forward to hearing from you Smile
Keep bricking!
European bureau for BrickJournal
P.S. Since I may not be able to read your language, I am sorry if this post is in the wrong area.
P.P.S. Any translators feel free to translate this into your national/mother tongue language/s. Many thanks!
P.P.P.S. This posting is posted through-out European AFOL forums/clubs so some information may or may not be relevant to everyone.