We have prebooked a certain amount of room at Best Western Hotel Bakeriet at these prices:

Single bedroom: NOK 900,- pr. night
Twin bedroom: NOK 1100,- pr. night (NOK 550,- pr. person)
Trippel bedroom: NOK 1400,- pr. night (NOK 466,66 pr. person)

All bookings and payment are to be made directly to the hotel, just give them the code “På kloss hold 2019”.
Would you like to share room with someone? You have to organize this yourself before booking the room, please feel free to use this thread to do so.

Hotel contact information:
Phone: +47 73991000

The rooms vill be available until late February, but it would be nice if you book as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Previous years there have been some really chep alternatives, like on the floor at SmallBricks, but this is not possible this year.
If someone living in Trondheim have room for someone, please inform about it in this thread.

Vi har satt av en del rom hos Best Western Bakeriet Hotell til følgende priser:

Enerom: NOK 900,- pr. natt
Dobbeltrom: NOK 1100,- pr. natt(NOK 550,- pr. person)
Trippelrom: NOK 1400,- pr. natt(NOK 466,66 pr. person)

All booking og betaling gjøres direkte med hotellet, oppgi kode “På kloss hold 2019” ved booking.
Om du ønsker å dele rom med noen, må du organisere dette på egenhånd. Bruk gjerne denne tråden til det.

Kontaktinformasjon til hotellet
Telefon: +47 73991000

Rommene er tilgjengelig til slutten av februar, men book gjerne så tidlig som mulig :slight_smile:

Tidligere år har vi kunnet tilby rimelig overnatting, feks på gulvet hos SmallBricks, men dette er dessverre ikke mulig i år.
Om noen i Trondheim har ledig plass for besøkende, oppgi det gjerne i denne tråden

Bent og jeg kunne godt tænke os at overnatte privat i Trondheim. Det kunne være fint, om der var plads et sted. Vi glæder os til at deltage for 5. år på rad.

Excited to be going for the first time.

I booked a room, but I didn’t find anywhere to use the code, it said something about a 48 hour deal with the same price listed here. Do they have to know we are there for Pa Kloss Hold or is that irrelevant for them? thanks. :wink:

Hi Sven! Very much looking forward to seeing you there :slight_smile:

I’d try to send them an email (or call them, but emailing is probably easier for you). I don’t think you can book online with any code for this offer - but I’m sure they’ll give you the discount if you explain it to them. If not, I guess you could probably cancel your online booking and then book again through email or phone.

Hope that helps!

What Are said, the code could only be used if you contacted them directly.

The 48 hour offer you booked under might very well be the same or cheaper, because its really hard to get extraordinary good deals on any hotels for us :confused:
The do not need to know that you are there for På kloss hold.

I think this answered all of your questions…? :S

How do you do it if you want to stay with someone but dont know at the moment who ?

You could wait a little before you order an room, and post in this thread to see if you could find anyone to share with :slight_smile:

Thanks Are and Harald, yes it’s the same so no rebooking needed. :smiley:

Jeg har glemt å bestille hotell :blush:
Så om det er mulig og noen har ei seng…så setter jeg pris på det om jeg ikke finner et sted å sove…

Er nå redda…