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 Innleggets emne: A small competition!
InnleggSkrevet: 2019-02-10 21:35:56 
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Postet akkurat dette i facebook-gruppen for deltagere til PKH2019!

Post bildet ditt i den gruppen eller her om du syns det er bedre :)

A small competition: post a picture of what you are building for PKH! You don't have to be finished with the model, but it have to be something you plan on bringing to Trondheim this year :)

Try to make a nice and interesting picture without revealing the whole of your model!

Prices? Sure, some LEGO!

Jury: my mom and dad will choose some of the pictures. Those will be posted on the official facebookevent for visitors - the one with most likes wins ;)
Deadline: within february 28th
Where to post: in this thread or as a post by its own, you choose :)

Only participants for PKH2019 can participate.

Disclaimar: PKH are allowed to use all pictures to promote PKH, please state what we should write to credit your photo - name, nick, nothing :)

Pst! Is your only camera on the phone? Add a lot of light or bring the model outside to get a better picture :D


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