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Dear LEGO Fan,

By September 2010 LEGO Customization and the LDD team presents LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) 4.0 with many new, cool features.

As a part of the launch Design byME will also introduce an update of the opening page in LDD.

The new opening page will include more starter models than today and we’ll also introduce three different “completion levels” of the starter models. By introducing the completion levels we hope to make it easier for the less experienced builders to use LDD. The users can the choose starter models from “Just begun”, “Halfway” and “Finished”. Each level offers different challenges whether the user just want to change colours, add-on or built from almost scratch.

To get a wide variety in the types of models we hereby invite you to help creating starter models for the new Design byME opening page.

We need models in the following categories which you can freely choose from:

Animals, Buildings, Fantasy, Places, Space, Vehicles (and Other).

To honour the new concept of “Completion Levels” we ask you to save and deliver the creations in 3 .lxf files (the LDD file format) – one for each level (ie. named: Car 1, Car 2 and Car 3).

Before launching in September we’ll select the models that will be part of the new opening page.

The designers of the used models will be credited on

We hope that you are interested in taking part of this opportunity and look forward to receive your models by email ( before August 1st 2010.

All the best and happy building,

The LEGO Design byME team.
The price of the models should range from $ 20 to $ 100.

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